International Collaboration

Effective collaboration enables more efficient use of available resources, knowledge, and expertise to the benefit of everyone.

This is a key purpose of the Inventories & Nationally Determined Contributions (I&NDC) Network and is important to ensure the ongoing development of agricultural GHG inventories and accuracy of NDC targets.

The following interactive map provides details on known agricultural GHG inventory and NDC work occurring globally, both historically and currently. If you are seeking to work in a particular area and/or country, we encourage you to check what might already be happening in the area and if there are opportunities to collaborate and build on existing work programs. Please zoom into the globe to find your country.

We are currently populating the map with information and we welcome you to get in touch and submit any additional work that should be included.

If there is no work occurring in a particular country, we encourage you to login and post a message on the members news board to determine if others may want to collaborate in a particular country.

Global Research Alliance Agricultural Inventory Training Programme (GRAIT)

Effective collaboration is also important when it comes to providing training to developing countries. Developing countries are often inundated with offers of support, so there is a need to improve collaboration and cohesion between funding countries and organisations globally, to reduce pressure on developing countries.

The GRA Agricultural Inventory Training (GRAIT) Programme has been developed in response to this need. This  initiative will coordinate current global agricultural capability building efforts of countries and organisation.

For more information visit the GRAIT page.