The Inventories and Nationally Determined Contributions (I&NDC) Network is a global network with over 450 members across 130 countries

Why become a member?

Membership is free, and we welcome anyone who has an interest in agricultural GHG inventories and NDC’s to become part of our growing Network.

Although we aim to make as much information publicly accessible as possible, there are still several benefits in becoming a Network member. Some of these include:

  • Access the online Member Forum, where you can post and respond to requests for assistance, and develop collaborations for agricultural inventory training and research;
  • Targeted correspondence directly to your email based on your interests; with updates from the quarterly ‘Who’s Counting’ Newsletter, as well as notifications of events, training, and career opportunities; and
  • Raise the profile of training courses, international events and in-country development activities by submitting them for publication on the website; and

Signing up to become a member of the I&NDC Network is 100% free and you can remove your membership or change your preferences at any time.