Title: Cambodia livestock GHG inventory and climate change response capacity development (CaLGICC)

Funded by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), New Zealand

Delivered by: NZAGRC

This project aims to (1) Strengthen institutional and technical capacities for livestock GHG inventory compilation, management and reporting; and (2) Strengthen capacities in the livestock sector to take effective actions in response to climate change. A Tier 1 inventory (all livestock species) has been compiled using the IPCC 2019 Refinement. The project will also compile inventories of GHG emissions from cattle and pigs using the IPCC Tier 2 method. RUA will collect data from household surveys on pig and cattle management and performance, and will measure pig gross energy intake and cattle methane emissions in experiments. The Tier 2 inventory will be used to assess GHG mitigation potential of different technical options in the context of Cambodia’s NDC. Adaptation priorities and option in the pig and cattle sub-sectors will also be assessed.

Organisations receiving support: General Directorate of Animal Health and Production, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Royal University of Agriculture (RUA).

Dates: Ongoing (2022 - 2025)

Project focus areas: Reporting, Foundation of GHG Inventories (includes capability building in institutional arrangements, cross cutting issues, use of IPCC guidelines), National Determined Contributions, Research & Development (includes developing country specific emission factors), Data collection/improvement.