The Global Research Alliance Agriculture Inventory Training programme

The GRA Agricultural Inventory Training Programme (GRAIT) streamlines current agricultural inventory capacity building initiatives under the Enhanced Transparency Framework through leveraging the GRA’s collaborative ethos across its network of member countries, partner organisations, scientists and policy personnel. It is a coordination initiative that aims to accelerate the development of robust agricultural inventory systems in developing countries by;

How GRAIT works

GRAIT will provide a single place where all countries and funding organisations can find information and develop collaborations and new programmes. A dedicated coordinator will:

    • coordinate the collection of information from funders and countries.
    • place summaries of past and current programmes on the GRA’s Inventories and NDC Website. This information will be available through the interactive map on the Networks International Collaborations page, providing easy access to individual country information.
    • Initiate an interactive web-based sharing platform to facilitate new connections & collaborations.
    • Initiate “calls to action” to further encourage collaborative efforts in the agricultural GHG inventory capability building space.

Expected impact of GRAIT

  1. Enhanced information sharing, coordination and collaboration on agricultural inventory training in developing countries.
  2. Easier access to information on funding and training opportunities.
  3. Acceleration of the development of robust agricultural inventory systems in developing countries leading to:
    • an increased understanding of the importance of higher tiered Inventory methodologies,
    • increased capacity of countries to carry out higher tiered agricultural Inventories and demonstrate mitigation efforts in their NDCs, and
    • efficient identification of agricultural GHG inventory training gaps and needs in developing countries.
  4. Strengthen partnerships (existing/new) and coordination of inventory training activities across international funding organisations and countries.

How to get involved

Complete the INDC Network – country information template with a summary of any past, present, and future agricultural GHG inventory capability building training information.  Please send the completed template to [email protected].

Visit the member forum to share information on:

    • agricultural GHG inventory capability building training opportunities,
    • communication of training needs, and
    • collaborative opportunities for resourcing new training initiatives

Join us for the launch of the GRAIT programme at the Pacific Oceans Pacific Climate Change Conference, 24 May 2024.

Spread the word by asking your contacts to fill in the INDC Network – country information template.  For further information on the GRAIT programme, download the GRAIT Proposal or please contact the GRAIT programme coordinator Dr Andrea Pickering.