Title: Improvement of Carabao (Buffalo) and Cattle Greenhouse Gas Inventories, Measurement and Mitigation in the Philippines

Funded by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), New Zealand

Delivered by: NZAGRC

This project aims to develop Tier 2 GHG inventories for carabao and cattle, and to strengthen capacities for GHG measurement and mitigation. A Tier 2 inventory for carabao is being compiled using available information supplemented by household surveys. Capacities are also being strengthened to measure methane emissions from carabao using a polytunnel system. A Tier 2 inventory for dairy and other cattle is being compiled using available information collated by UPLB through a network of regional state universities. A headbox system has been installed and experiments will be conducted to measure methane emissions from cattle. Stakeholder discussions are also being supported to improve institutional arrangements for collaboration in ongoing Tier 2 inventory management.

Organisations receiving support: Philippines Carabao Center (PCC); University of the Philippines, Los BaƱos (UPLB); Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA); Department of Agriculture Climate Resilience Agriculture Office (DA-CRAO); Climate Change Commission (CCC).

Dates: Ongoing (2022-2025)

Project focus areas: Reporting, Foundation of GHG Inventories (includes capability building in institutional arrangements, cross cutting issues, use of IPCC guidelines), Research & Development (includes developing country specific emission factors), Data collection/improvement.