Title: Capacity development for livestock GHG inventory improvement in Malawi

Funded by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), New Zealand

Delivered by: NZAGRC, Unique land use GmbH

This project aimed to (1) Strengthen capacities of the DAHLD and other stakeholders to compile and manage the Tier 1 GHG inventory for all livestock species; and (2) Strengthen capacities to compile an initial Tier 2 GHG inventory for cattle and identify priorities for improvement. The Tier 1 livestock inventory (all species) was revised in line with recommendations from a previous inventor review; standard operating procedures were developed and relevant staff trained in ongoing management of the revised inventory. An inventory of GHG emissions from dairy and other cattle was compiled using the IPCC Tier 2 method. The inventory was compiled using the best available information. An inventory report was produced describing the results, data sources, methods and improvement priorities. The inventory was reviewed by experts from EAD.

Organisations receiving support: Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture; Environmental Affairs Department, Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources; Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Dates: Completed

Project focus areas: Reporting, Foundation of GHG Inventories (includes capability building in institutional arrangements, cross cutting issues, use of IPCC guidelines).