Inventories and NDC Network

Welcome to the Inventories and NDC Network.

We facilitate international and national connections among organisations, research institutes, and governments. This collaboration aims to make technical agricultural inventory expertise accessible, shared, and informative for inventory development and setting of ambitious NDC’s which include agricultural actions.

What we do

The Network shares new scientific information, knowledge, data, and inventory methodologies to identify priorities for collaboration.

We achieve this through this website, newsletters, webinars, flagship proposals, development of case studies and other activities. These efforts are aimed at improving the accuracy, comparability, completeness, consistency, and transparency of emission trends and potential emission reductions resulting from mitigations actions and farming practices.

The Network focuses on:
- Increasing access to methods to improve the collection of activity data for emission estimates as well as inform the collection of greenhouse gas emission data where it has not previously been collected;
- Providing technical support and training, for capacity building and knowledge transfer;
- Building upon existing shared databases and developing new platforms where necessary; and
- Building in-country capability and avoiding international consultancy where possible.

Featured Events

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