20 May 2024 - 25 May 2024

(GMT +12:00)

National University of Samoa, Apia

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues confronting the Pacific region today. Pacific nations are among the most affected by the ongoing consequences of global warming. Many of them are already experiencing higher temperatures, shifts in rainfall patterns, rising sea levels and altered frequency and intensity of extreme climate events. Strong traditions, cultures and adaptability to the unique characteristics of their environment and geography have fostered resilient communities over centuries. However, climate change poses a considerable threat to their future.

The overall theme of the Conference underlines the central role of the Pacific Ocean in the life of the communities in the region. It recognises that protection of the ocean is crucial to enable Pacific nations that depend on it to continue to thrive in their home environment. Hence, taking stock of the scientific data and forecasts concerning the social, legal, political, economic, cultural, scientific and environmental impacts of climate change in the Pacific is critical. Equally important is to analyse how the peoples of the Pacific region address them.

The Conference will bring together activists and experts, private, public, and civil society actors, and a wide variety of participants from the arts, churches, industry and other distinct backgrounds to shed light on the knowledge and interpretations related to the rapid changes observed in the region, as well as any divergence between the perceptions of local actors and the dominant scientific discourse.

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